The NEWLY DESIGNED Status.  What's new?  It comes with a new look.  When you are ready, trade it in at any time (no matter how old) for $30 OFF any Engage Paddle price $94.99 or higher.  Plus a new TEXTURED skin and Bundle Discounts.


The 'Status' is a true bargain and one of best (if not #1) paddle in the low-priced Pickleball paddle market.  Great for those looking to get into the game, or to just have a paddle for the casual play with friends.  The 'Status' is a Polymer core paddle with a soft digitally printed 'textured' skin that holds the ball to provide plenty of power, an enhanced feel and more control.  It also looks great.


Buy a Bundle Set and save even more.  Buy (5) and get 5% off.  Buy (10) and get 10% off.  Buy (20) and get 20% off.


The Status paddle is the best made low-cost paddle (sub-$50) on the market.  Made with the same premium trim and grips found on higher-end paddles.  Most other paddles in the same price range have plastic trims with thin over-grip type grips.  Not the Status.


Plus, we give you the ultimate in flexibility and value.  Buy the 'Status' paddle, and when you are ready for a Premium paddle, you can trade-up your 'Status' and we will give you $30 off an Engage Premium paddle priced $94.99 or higher.  What a deal.  Why buy any other paddle on the market if you are new to the sport or a casual player.


NOTE:  To redeem this offer.  Contact your local Engage dealer or Engage directly by emailing


 Paddle Specifications:

  • Polymer Core and Soft Composite Skin.  Designed to meet the strictest community noise restrictions.
  • Textured Skin for Spin and Ball Placement
  • Large surface area measuring 15 1/2" long x 8 1/16" wide.
  • Weighs between 7.7 - 8.2 ozs.
  • Industry standard 5" grip length and 4 1/4" circumference.
  • Colors are Fierce Yellow and Ice Blue.
Grip Circumference

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